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Key Capabilities of the Cobra IoT Platform:

Connectivity, Integration, and Data Processing

This page will guide you through the various aspects of cobra so you can get a better understanding of its functionality and capabilities.


The cobra iot stage is equipment rationalist. You can incorporate essentially any gadget, beginning from those controlled by completely utilitarian working frameworks, the distance down to asset compelled microcontrollers with under 10 KB of accessible RAM. There are numerous stages that are now pre-incorporated and confirmed with cobra, however regardless of the possibility that you don’t see a specific stage recorded, there is a decent risk that it can be effortlessly coordinated utilizing cobra profoundly compact SDKs. They are presently accessible in Java, C++, and C: simply pick one that suits your case.

Data models

Cobra can deal with both organized and unstructured information, yet supports the previous. All around organized information gives fantastic material to any control and examination.

This sort of information additionally abstracts out any insignificant subtle elements of the low-level usage and your equipment. cobra guarantees that even contraptions taking into account altogether different innovations can be overseen and worked indistinguishably, the length of they have the same arrangement of information patterns. This is the reason in each part of its usefulness, cobra makes utilization of a comparing information construction that administers the semantics and creates a great deal of standard code consequently. Mappings are Apache Avro good, and in this manner, capable. Apache Avro likewise permits information serialization to be extremely productive.

When you begin working with cobra, you will rapidly wind up in an information outlines perspective — and that is something to be thankful for.

  • Works with structured and unstructured data
  • Apache Avro compatible
  • GUI for data schemas


Cobra endpoint SDKs are accessible in Java, C++, and C, and are intended to be inserted into your customer application (or firmware). They handle customer server correspondence, verification, information marshaling, encryption, constancy, and different capacities gave by the stage.

Each created SDK is fitted for your specific server occasion. The created SDKs contain server-particular information compositions interpreted into article ties for your IoT application. The SDKs likewise have the learning of the vehicle layer convention usage being used, and in addition how to build up correspondence with that particular server case at which the SDK was created.

  • Auto-generated code and data bindings
  • Abstracts out protocol, data consistency, and other complexities
  • Easily portable to virtually any hardware and OS


Cobra is transport-skeptic. It permits building applications that capacity over a system association — either steady or discontinuous. You may pick one of the current transport convention usage that accompany cobra, or make exceptionally custom-made transports and connect them to your framework. cobra will consequently publicize the association parameters to endpoints and parity the heap over the servers in the group.

Propelled stage clients may think that its helpful that cobra can adaptably relegate transport usage to stage administrations. For instance, warnings might be conveyed to endpoints through UDP or SMS while design and profile information might be synchronized by means of an AES-scrambled TCP-based twofold convention.

  • Transport-agnostic
  • Pluggable protocols
  • Multi-channel support

IoT gateways and routers

Cobra can be adequately used to empower progressed IoT highlights for passages and Wi-Fi switches. With the cobra usefulness on board, these gadgets can go about as a reasonable yet multi-useful scaffold between the endpoints and the IoT cloud.

Cobra-fueled doors and switches can to a great extent streamline information gathering from straightforward sensors or gadgets that utilization PAN-based conventions, for example, Bluetooth, ZigBee, or Z-Wave for availability. They can likewise be utilized to streamline the way toward adding new gadgets to the given IoT bunch by changing over the gadget’s information design into the “regular tongue” utilized as a part of the group.

For monstrous measures of ongoing information or vast scale organizations, cobra permits executing the edge investigation into IoT portals, which is preparatory information handling and information amassing performed by an IoT entryway before conveying a main part of information to the cobra server/cloud. Along these lines, the activity load in the system can be lessened by ten times or additionally, prompting significant investment funds in the server gear or leased cloud preparing offices.

Cobra server

The cobra server goes about as an establishment for your exceptionally custom-made IoT back-end framework. It offers various instruments for inward customization and combination with outside frameworks: REST interfaces for mix with item particular administrations, log appenders for mix with examination, information administration and perception frameworks, pluggable usage of custom transports, and different modules.

The cobra server is typically sent as a bunch of hubs, which is effectively expandable when higher execution is required. The cobra server design additionally takes out the danger of downtime by empowering the high accessibility mode and blocking a solitary purpose of disappointment in the group. The cobra group utilizes Apache Zookeeper for coordination of servers, essential hub decisions, and disappointment moderation. Since cobra is a 100% open-source stage, it can be effectively sent on premises, in cloud, or in a blended mode.

The cobra server was intended to handle a large number of associated gadgets under crest weight while never getting drained.

  • Easily customizable and expandable
  • Load balancing in the cluster, no single point of failure
  • Multiple deployment options: on premises, in cloud, or mixed

Data processing

Gathering and breaking down information from associated gadgets is a standout amongst the most repeating IoT use cases. cobra mission is to make these assignments absolutely direct, even at huge scale. In view of the log blueprint you outline for your application, the cobra server builds object ties and APIs for your exclusively custom fitted SDK. You then utilize these APIs to train cobra to convey log records to the back-end information preparing and/or warehousing framework. A cobra endpoint briefly stores log records and sends them to the server when a transfer trigger flames. Both brief information store execution and transfer triggers are pluggable and adjustable.

On the server side, cobra goes about as a swiss armed force blade of information infusion, supporting a structure of pluggable log appenders you use to load information into your preferred database, to send this information to stream preparing, or to make it accessible to custom information handling modules by means of REST, Flume, and so forth. Along these lines, with cobra, you can do the information handling and examination with your most loved apparatuses, which is particularly simple since cobra guarantees end-to-end organized information stream.

  • Pre-integrated with popular data processing systems
  • Easily expandable with data visualisation tools
  • Scalable to handle vast amounts of data

Complete application

The cobra platform was made to streamline and secure the advancement of your IoT applications. It mechanizes complex information administration intricacies, gives for all intents and purposes boundless adaptability, and gets you directly into the matter of making what is most essential: your application’s business rationale. A couple of more things while you are here…

  • You can construct any application on top of cobra; there is immeasurable flexibility with regards to the objective programming dialect, gadget sort, and information models.
  • You can connect to your own particular modules, investigation frameworks, perception instruments, and collect a consummately fitted answer for your case.
  • You can exploit an assortment of demo applications, instructional exercises, and our well disposed gathering.

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